September 30, 2017

I had a great visit up north this week.

-with Jim's wife Nancy, daughter Alison and granddaughter Eleanor.

Drove around Lake Ontario into Toronto.

A beautiful city and site of The Big Drone Show that I attended.

Jim's friend Douglas was one of the presenters. I picked up some more information for my Drones for Engineers course.


I did capture one scene of this Great Lake.

Then to Watkins Glen speedway.

No drones allowed. Shucks. I had to keep mine in my car.


My good friend and neighbor Jeff is a great race car driver and instructor. He took me out for a few 3.6 mile laps around the track.


His Porsche has 247 horsepower.

They would not allow us on the track until they checked that all our seat belts, shoulder harnesses and helmets were tight.



80 miles an hour around sharp bends, and 140 into the short straight aways.

I basically held on for my life, being reminded of a wild carnival ride, but faster!



This poor driver spun out, but Jeff did not.

Later, a terrific lunch on Finger Lake Seneca.

Then back to our town's Land Trust meeting.



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