Sept. 10, 2017



Thanks for asking.  We have a mandatory evacuation from home in Apollo beach even though house built about 12ft above high tide. We have moved all our vehicles (personal and company) to 5th floor of concrete parking garage in a complex that  rob has a condo in. 

I think we could ride out the storm in my house but I don't want to risk it. We will bunk up with rob Sunday night.

Are you still getting the joke e mails?

Regards  Greg 


And from Bob:

Zoom out on the map and you can see the hurricane

This site is from a local Naples resident

The wind is still calm in Naples now.


Meanwhile, here at our driveway entrance, it's still summer and the livin is easy.



What do you want to do next Skye?   "Go to the music store and practice my choral song"

Saturday night dinner party table setting. Mary speaks to host John.

I was pleased to publish my continuing education course on Drones for Civil Engineers

The new drone business office is set up in an office rental.

And the lake island as seen from directly overhead of this office.



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