August 20, 2017


Thanks Joanne for this Gem.

Noonock with a Grotto statue identical to or is mine now (over my shoulder).

Front: Carl, Joanne, Larry, Richie, Barbara,& Tom

Back row Jim, Lou, Johnny, Bob, Pete and me.

Auntie Annie, Mom, Lucy, Barb, Aunt Mimi, Noonock, Uncle Richie, Dad, Uncle Bob


Aunt Angie's Pasta!

I had a lovely visit with Uncle Justin and Aunt Lorraine. Later a pleasant rest at the meditation bench by the reservoir.


NYC as seen from the Intrepid air craft carrier museum.

Below deck is a space shuttle. I recall helping to design the reinforcing steel in the hanger for these huge wheel loads about 43 years ago.

At the County Fair.


Older now than Noonock was then!



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