August 13, 2017


We were so pleased to co-host a party to raise money for Mary's favorite charity. Out friend Deanna set a beautiful table for us all.

It was a nautical theme held at the lake house of a fellow college alum friend in town.

Mary and friends were ready for the party.


Ruby Sunset Cocktail


Austin, Texas’ Deep Eddy

Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka


  San Pellegrino Blood Orange

Sparkling Soda


Mionetto Prosecco


Dark and Stormy


Goslings Black Seal

Bermuda Black Rum



Goslings Ginger Beer












Mary's drinks were a hit with the featured cocktails described above. Thanks Pam for suggesting them last month!

A sunset cruise aboard two pontoon boats.


After dinner, the guests played the trivia match games I made. How would you have done?

NAUTICAL  SAILORS    MATCH GAME                      Name:________________


Christopher Columbus

(Civil War)


Henry Hudson


(Napoleonic Wars)


Ferdinand Magellan


(HMS Bounty)


John Paul Jones


(Caribbean Pirate)


Admiral Farragut






 (Revolutionary War)


Charles Darwin



Walter Raleigh




Lord Horatio Nelson


(HMS Beagle)


William Bligh


 (Santa Maria)

Commodore Perry




Sir Frances Drake


(South America)


Amerigo Vespucci




Leif Erickson


(War of 1812)


Giovanni da Verrazano



Juan Ponce de Leon


(North America)



How about the Nautical Fiction ?

NAUTICAL  FICTION    MATCH GAME                      Name:________________





Little Buttercup





Sir Joseph Porter



Major-General Stanley





Captain Nemo

Jack Sparrow


Our friends and neighbors who donated to the charity for this event had a nice email to us today.

And Declan happens to be President of the Board for CJR.


Ken, Denise, Peter, Mary and Sam,

What a great party last night.  Every detail was perfect….you even cleared the skies for wonderful weather.

We all attend and host special parties for our great and giving community.  However, the party last night raised the bar for entertaining.  You showered our guests in grand hospitality.   Thank you so much for making our invitees feel special.  That is the goal of every party and you won the gold.

CJR was the winner last night.   Thank you so much

Deborah and Declan



The next day, the same lake hosted its water ski show, and I was pleased to see these 4 jumpers on the single ramp, as we can from above!



I also cheat at checking my second story gutters for leaves, by ignoring the 28 ft ladder.




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