July 9, 2017


Jim and granddaughter Eleanor.

One of my best memories with Jim and family was building the pool about 46 years ago.

Thanks Joanne and Mom for these pictures.

I help get it started!

After Dad brought in a bucket loader to dig it for real, he and Jim place wire mesh in the floor slab

Jim and Lou with Brewster Transit

Me, Jim, Lou, Driver and Dad

Dad telling me to get the ...   out of the concrete before I get stuck! 

Posibly Frank and Johnny S. as we lay blocks.

The block island is in and backfill is dumped.  Maybe Jim's Belaire out back.

Joanne oversees fill up from the brook she now owns.

 Pam tests the waters.

Lou, John, Larry, Carl, Tom L?

A typical Labor Day?


Here is the music we played from Jim's Traffic album while we swam under the colored lights at night.



The pool last week.



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